Professional racking repair in South Africa

Damaged or deformed pallet racking presents serious problems to warehouse managers and owners, both in terms of safety and logistics. However, replacing damaged uprights is usually a complicated, laborious and costly task, and few warehouses can spare this kind of time and money.

Don’t replace damaged racking – repair it at a fraction of the cost

The ROS rack repair system is now available in South Africa. This patented racking repair service enables warehouses to repair damaged pallet racking, rather than replace it – and at a fraction of the cost and effort.

Safe, effective racking repair, even under maximum load

After extensive research and development, ROS devised a repair method that makes the replacement of damaged uprights avoidable. An innovative system, designed by structural engineers, makes it possible to repair racking uprights, even with maximum pallet loads. Most essentially, these racking repairs are done in compliance with safety standards established by law.

Thanks to this patented system developed by ROS, damaged racks can now be returned to their original state, without the need to be unloaded or dismantled.

ROS’s pallet repair services are:

Quick: No disruption or delays to production time – racking repairs are completed in 30 minutes.

Guaranteed: All our repairs are insured.

Sustainable: No extra parts are used or replaced.

Cost-effective: Costs up to 80% less than replacements.

All repairs are guaranteed; and due to the patented design of our racking repair system, it will restore uprights to their original strength capacity. Damaged racks will simply be repaired by our qualified technicians, who carry out repairs on-site. No need to unload or dismantle pallets! Plus all this at considerably lower cost than replacing your damaged racks.

Learn more about our patented racking repair services in South Africa, or visit our FAQ section for answers to any questions you may have.