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With an expansive and international reach, a unique and patented approach to rack repair, and an extensive collection of satisfied clients from throughout South Africa, ROS International SA is ideally situated to assist warehouses and facilities with the ideal solution for simplifying, speeding up, and saving money on rack repairs. ROS international SA not only provides the industry with a unique system to repair damaged racking but also provides the following services:.

  • Racking maintenance.
  • Racking replacements.
  • New warehouse racking installations.
  • Design and project management of warehousing solutions.
  • Inspection of warehouse racking to European norms.
  • Engineering Surveys.
  • Certification of racking to European norms.
  • Our company was born out of a necessity in the market for rack repair services that incur minimal delays and costs, while ensuring that warehouses and facilities can conduct their operations safely and effectively. We do this through our unique patented ROS system that simplifies upright repairs significantly and passes the time and money savings on to you.

    Where it Started…

    IKEA’s Dutch distribution centre at Oosterhout had a high incidence of forklift collision damage to their pallet racking, which not only meant frequent, but also high replacement costs. IKEA understood the need to reduce the cost of their pallet racking replacements, and asked Hans Slavenburg, a structural engineer based in the Netherlands, to help provide a solution. This led to the invention of a hydraulic tool and repair procedure that fits a die to the damaged upright, and within minutes, through controlled pressure, can restore the racking column to its original Specification.

    From There We Grew to a Global Reach

    While this solution was initially developed for IKEA, we could see the value that the patented ROS system could have on a variety of facilities requiring racking repairs. Thus, we used the system to expand our reach from Holland to incorporate Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, the USA, and South Africa. Locally ROS international SA has grown significantly since its humble beginnings in 2010 with the below representing some of the major milestones:

  • 2010: Incorporated in South Africa
  • 2012: Moved into a 150SqM Mini Factory
  • 2014: Moved into a 350Sqm Mini Factory
  • 2016: Purchased Own 1000Sq Facility
  • 2017: Renovated and Upgraded Facility
  • 2019: Concluded BBBEE Transaction

    If you would like to know more about our company, and how our patented rack repair solution can benefit your business, be sure to get in contact with a representative from ROS International SA today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for further details.