ROS International Rack Repair System

The ROS rack repair system was born out of necessity. IKEA’s Dutch distribution centre at Oosterhout had a high incidence of forklift collision damage to their pallet racking, which not only meant frequent, but also high replacement costs. IKEA was keen to reduce the cost of their pallet racking replacements, and asked Hans Slavenburg, a structural engineer based in the Netherlands, to help provide a solution.

Creating IKEA’s innovative racking repair system

Hans undertook the process of inventing a racking repair system that would be reliable and cost-efficient – something so effective that it would enable IKEA to avoid replacing racking uprights so often.

This led to the invention of a hydraulic tool and repair procedure that fits a mould to the damaged upright, and within minutes, through controlled pressure, can restore the racking column to its original form.

From IKEA to the world

Although the solution was initially developed for IKEA, the patented ROS rack repair system is now offered to other companies who require pallet racking repairs. ROS has expanded its reach from Holland to Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, USA and now South Africa. It is also due to set up operations in Italy, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Brazil and Canada soon.

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