ROS Rack Repair System – The only patented pallet racking repair system


The basic principle of the ROS Rack Repair system is simple but effective. It is a patented hydraulic tool that returns rack uprights to their original shape in a matter of minutes, by means of fitting a mould to damaged areas and exerting controlled and punctual pressure over the damaged area.

Depending on the degree of deformation, the racking repair process presents a greater or lesser level of difficulty, but it is always possible! However, if there is a tear in the upright, it will not be possible for ROS to repair it, and it will need to be replaced with a new one. ROS can supply and install original replacement equipment.

Quick, safe racking repairs in any space

The ROS system is portable and permits us to work in narrow passageways and difficult-to-access areas, including those at elevated heights. We put safety first at all times, and thus all safety precautions are taken while working on site.

Our racking repair services are quick and safe, and it’s not necessary to unload the pallets from racking, as the ROS system works under full pallet load. This saves a significant amount of production time and effort on everyone’s behalf.

To ensure the maximum safety for our clients, ROS recommends a limit of three repairs per upright, after which we advise a replacement.

Contact us now to enquire about our professional racking repairs, which are guaranteed for 2 years. You can also send us a digital photo of the racking damage in your warehouse, and we’ll assess it and respond to you within 24 hours (during working hours).