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  • How does the ROS rack repair process work?

    Our rack repair process works by encapsulating the damaged section of the upright with special steel alloy dyes from the front of the upright and placing special moulds in the back of the upright and then applying a certain amount of pressure to press the upright back into its original shape.

  • What insurance do you have for your rack repair methods in terms of public and product liability?

    We insure all our rack repairs through Consort Technical Underwriters, a well-respected source for brokers both locally and internationally when seeking sound, quality underwriting for this highly specialized class of insurance. All pallet rack repairs are insured for a period of 2 years. Please contact us if you’d like detailed information about our rack repair guarantees.

  • Is it cheaper to repair an upright than to replace it?

    Yes, significantly so. On average, ROS’ racking repairs cost 80% less than rack replacements.

  • Who are your clients?

    Any organisation where materials handling equipment such as forklifts and reach trucks interface with their pallet racking system.

  • Can you assess rack damage remotely from looking at a photo?

    Yes, we can. Email a digital photo of the damage to and we’ll assess the damage and respond to you within 24 hours (during business hours).

  • How often does the repaired racking need to be inspected afterwards?

    To ensure pallet rack safety, we recommend that repaired racks be checked every three months.

  • Do you recommend putting markings or signage on repaired racking, to show that they have been repaired?

    Yes, we do. After we’ve completed the rack repair, we put our own sticker on the rack, which has the number ‘1′ on it. If we repair it again, we put a ‘2′ sticker on it, and so on.

  • Are your customers experiencing significant savings on their annual racking repair bill as a result of using your rack repair services?

    Our customers are reporting savings of up to 80% on their annual racking repair bills, thanks to using ROS’ racking repair system.

  • What independent testing has the ROS machinery and racking repair system undergone?

    The ROS racking repair system has passed the following independent tests:

    – 2005 TNO, Holland

    – 2007 Dr. Möll, Germany

    – 2009 Technical University Brookes, Oxford UK

    – 2010 X-ray Test Bayer Technology Services, Germany

    – 2011 Technical University Brookes, Oxford UK

    – 2011 Technical University Barcelona, Spain

    – 2011 Dekra Certification, Germany

    – 2011 Packer Engineering Illinois, USA

  • How quickly can your technicians come to the site of the damage?

    On average, within 2 weeks. However, it also depends on how closely our engineers are working to your site. If they’re nearby, it could be one week or less. If they’re based further away, our rack repair services will be dispatched within 1-3 weeks.

  • Is ROS a BEE-compliant company?

    Yes. Our BBBEE rating as a Level Two Contributor enables our customers to claim 100% of their expenditure towards their preferential procurement measurement for their own BBBEE status.

  • If the upright is only slightly damaged, must it still be repaired?

    Yes, in the majority of cases. According to EEC Regulations, any upright that has a bend of more than 5mm must be replaced or repaired. In most instances, it’s possible for us to simply fix the bend, which saves you the cost of buying a whole new upright. Ignoring a damaged rack can have serious consequences, as it compromises safety in your warehouse and could also result in expense damage to stock.

  • Will a repaired rack be able to carry the same load as before?

    Yes. After undergoing rack repairs, the repaired pallet rack will meet the load carrying capacity specified by manufacturers.

  • How long does it take to complete rack repairs?

    Repairs can be completed within 30 minutes, with very little to no disruptions or delays to your operation or production time.

  • Can you repair the specific brand of racks we use in our warehouse?

    Yes, in all probability. Our rack repair equipment has been designed to carry out repairs on most types of racking brands, including all those most widely used in South Africa.

  • Is it safe to carry out rack repairs during normal warehouse production and day-to-day operations?

    Yes, it is. We adhere to the highest levels of safety when carrying out our repairs, so warehouses can continue their day-to-day tasks unaffected, and without any concerns about the safety of their staff or damage to their stock.

  • Must the pallets be unloaded before you can undertake rack repairs?

    No, in the majority of cases it’s not necessary to unload the pallets, which is the beauty of our system! In a few

  • How easy is it to restore an upright section to its original shape using your rack repair system?

    It depends on the extent of the damage. Where there is a very sharp bend, repairing it will be more difficult, but still possible. If there’s a tear or split, our technology can’t repair it, and we advise that it be replaced.

  • How many times can ROS repair the same upright, at the same spot?

    The uprights we treat with our technology can withstand up to seven rack repairs, but as a company it is our policy to repair a damaged upright only three times, to maintain maximum levels of safety. If an upright is damaged for a fourth time, we recommend that it be replaced with a new one.

  • Can ROS repair cantilever racking?

    Cantilever racking isn’t as prone to damage as normal pallet racking is, but repairs are certainly possible.

  • Can ROS repair drive-in racking?

    Yes, it is possible for us to repair drive-in racking. In most instances, damage occurs on the outside of the rack, where forklift velocity is high, and it is easy for our rack repair machinery to reach the weakened spot. If however the damage is deep on the inside of a drive-in rack, it can be repaired as well.

  • My warehouse aisles are narrow. Can you still do rack repairs?

    Our machinery has been designed to work in confined spaces, which means that we can carry out our rack repair services in most types of spaces.

  • Our racking is used in a retail warehouses open to the public. Can you still carry out repairs?

    Yes, we can. The space around the repair team is cordoned off, so the rack repairs are done at a safe distance from the public. Moreover, we do repairs within normal business hours.

  • Can you repair rack supported mezzanine floors?

    Yes, we can repair underneath mezzanine flooring. There is no upward movement when we do repairs, so the floor above remains unaffected.

  • Can you also repair beams (horizontals)?

    No, our equipment is designed to repair uprights/columns only. However ROS can supply and install new original racking equipment.

  • Can you help me optimise my warehouse to prevent damage from occurring?

    Yes, our sister company Optima Storage Solutions offers warehouse design services and also supplies frame post protectors for the base of the uprights.