From Holland to Cape Town

Rack damage and the dangers associated with this have plagued the logistics industry for years. That was until Hans Slavenburg from the Netherlands developed a system that could repair damaged racking. On the other side of the world, here in South Africa, the same concept of creating a solution to solve client rack damage problems was something Cullem McKay and Charles Langeveld aspired to.

The idea of supplying maintenance relief to companies who required complete site inspections and ongoing maintenance to their racking within warehouses was a gap in the market. It prompted the birth of the ROS Rack Repair System in South Arica.

The patented system allowed the South African market to repair racking uprights without replacing or offloading pallets from the racking. This concept would supply relief to companies by reducing downtime and high costs associated with replacing uprights to existing racking systems. Seven years after bringing this concept to South Africa and with the booming growth experienced in Gauteng, ROS International can now open a branch in the Western Cape.

They chose the Western Cape because there has been such massive economic growth in the supply chain environment where services need to be supplied to help and maintain raking warehouses with cost-effective solutions.

The Western Cape branch, managed by Mark Griggs, will be able to supply customers in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape with the same attitude and service provided to Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal over the years.

Maintenance hasn’t been a focus

Unfortunately, in South Africa, there are no legislated regulations or governing bodies on the safe manufacture, installation, and maintenance of racking. As a result, regular inspections and maintenance of racking and shelving systems are often not carried out.

“In Europe, companies are obligated to have their racking Inspected and certified annually by a qualified expert.” There can be numerous problems if you don’t have a valid certificate guaranteeing you’re racking as safe and confirming its carrying capacity. For one, insurance companies may not cover you should an incident occur.

Inspecting and repairing their racking quarterly and then certifying it annually is a service that ROS International actively promotes to many of its international blue-chip customers. They, in turn, use this for preferential discounts from their insurers.

The setup and service supplied

ROS offers a complimentary visual inspection of your racking, providing you with a detailed defect report on your racking system status. “We then present you with a proposal to rectify all the findings noted. Those that can be fixed will be repaired using the ROS International rack repair method, and those irreparable items will be replaced using original equipment manufacturers items.

“We are trying to bring professionalism to an industry plagued by back yard mechanics with no idea about international rack safety standards.”

The cost of a repair is significantly lower than replacement, not only direct costs but considerable savings in time. “We can do 15 to 20 repairs in a day. Compare this to a replacement, where you would be lucky to replace four uprights in a day.”

The ROS International patented rack repair system has been available internationally for 12 years and locally in South Africa for seven years. Growing from strength to strength, the company started with just three employees and a utility vehicle to actively maintain more than 200 warehouses racking across South Africa, using a fleet of a dozen vehicles and more than 40 full-time staff. As a result, ROS International SA has quickly grown into the market leader in rack repair and maintenance in South Africa. 

Combined with their sister company, Optima Storage Solutions, which offers turnkey warehouse racking system design, supply, and installation, you have a company that can take care of every aspect of your storage requirements.

Western Cape Branch manager

Mark Griggs

072 444 1010