Saving Time & Money With Rack Repairs

In any warehousing or industrial facility, the importance of reliable racking systems simply cannot be overstated. They form an integral solution for storage and organization, keeping loads and products protected, and ensuring safety and efficiency throughout operations.

Because of this, most facility managers are brutally aware of the importance of keeping them in optimal condition through regular repairs, replacements, and inspections. And while this all sounds good on paper, conducting these repairs traditionally can result in a lot of downtime and interruptions, and come at no small cost to your facility.

By understanding both the importance of timely repairs on racking systems, as well as a need to reduce downtime and costs, we here at ROS International Racking have developed the ideal solution to ensure that all these needs are met.

Our approach to professional racking repairs in South Africa use a patented and innovative approach that absolutely minimises costs and delays, while ensuring the absolute safety and functionality of your racks.


Enter the ROS Rack Repair System, an innovative approach to repairing damaged uprights with a specially patented approach and tools that dramatically reduce the costs and time taken to deliver regular repairs.


With our system there is no need to replace damaged racking when it can be repaired for a fraction of the cost.

This approach allows our team to deliver professional racking repairs in South Africa even under maximum loads and has been developed over years of painstaking research by structural engineers.

Using a specially developed and patented hydraulic tool, our team of experts can return rack uprights to their original condition and shape in a matter of moments, and the process doesn’t require that racking be emptied, which saves a mammoth amount of time for your facility.

On top of this, the use of minimal materials and reduced labour costs ensure that racks are repaired at a minimal cost to you.

One of the most important things about this system is that it not only allows for racking uprights to be repaired in good time and at less of a cost, but it does so without sacrificing anything in terms of safety or compliance.

Of course, it is worth noting that the ease and speed (even the practicality) of using the ROS system for repairs is dependant on the extent of the damage faced by uprights.

Where damage has exceeded the ability for our system to conduct repairs safely and successfully, only then will you need to consider replacements. Additionally, if your racking systems have undergone multiple repairs recently, replacements will also be a better option, but our team will advise you as to the best approach.

We generally recommend that a maximum of three repairs can be conducted on uprights before we recommend replacing them.


The true value of these types of professional racking repairs in South Africa lies in the speed at which your facility can return to normality, which is to say almost instantaneously.

Since repairs can be done without a need to move or unload pallets, they can be completed in moments. This means far less downtime for you, scheduled or not, which means more time being productive and improving that bottom line.


Racking repairs don’t have to be expensive, which is something that they traditionally are, especially where replacements are concerned.

So, if replacements are made unnecessary, it stands to reason that you will save.

In fact, our system has been proven to save up to 80% in costs on repairs and replacements for businesses, even for large-scale projects, which results in a more streamlined facility.


If you would like to know more about our offers on professional racking repairs in South Africa, be sure to visit the ROS International Racking website for details.