The dangers of damaged racking in your facility

With so much going on in your facility it is understandable that a concern requiring professional racking repairs in South Africa is something that might go overlooked. You may have been looking at that damaged upright or deflecting beam and thought, ‘if it works, it isn’t broken’.

Racking systems work quietly in the background, they are literally part of the furniture, so the temptation to ignore gradual damage to them does happen.

Unfortunately for facility managers and owners, damaged racking systems do present several risks to your operations, stock, and personnel, and if these risks are left to unfold, they can be devastating to your business.

So, to help you understand the importance of timely professional racking repairs in South Africa, here are a few of the biggest risks you face by leaving them to deteriorate.


In any industrial or commercial facility, whether it be a factory or a warehouse, there are always several safety precautions that need to be upheld to ensure the protection of your employees, stakeholders, guests, or clients; and believe it or not, your racking systems are one such area of concern.

As racking becomes damaged, its structural integrity begins to give way, and should they fail unexpectedly while holding heavy loads, or indeed while being used, injuries and in some cases, even deaths can result.

Naturally, this is something that any business owner would want to avoid, which means that you need to have confidence in the safety of your racking systems. This means that when there are clear signs of it being in bad condition, you should have it seen to as quickly as possible.


One of the more common outcomes of failed racking systems is more concerned with damaged or lost stock, which can result in massive expenses for any facility to face, when having to replace or re-manufacture goods that were stored.

This is particularly the case for heavy or fragile materials or products being stored, but even the cheapest items in high enough quantities can result in significant losses should a racking system fail.

Because of this, regular inspections of racking systems is highly recommended, and wherever faults are damage is found, you should consider repairs or preventative maintenance as a priority.


Whether you’re part of a manufacturing facility or a storage warehouse, there is one rule that is the same for any business: Time is money. It is because of this reason alone that so many tactics and solutions are implemented to minimise the time taken to produce, store, or retrieve items.

However, a damaged upright is pretty much a ticking time bomb of time wastage. Consider the effort and time it will take to get everything back in order (and replace damaged racking) when failures occur.

An unexpected accident, even one where nothing is damaged and no one is hurt, will chew through your available time, and thusly prevent you from reaching the right levels of profitability.

So why not avoid this situation altogether by ensuring that repairs are carried out when they need to be.


Facilities and warehouses are generally populated with highly specialised (and therefor fairly expensive) machinery and equipment, whether they be something simple like pallet jacks or higher investments like forklifts, reach trucks, or man-up machines.

Each of these types of equipment generally work in and around racking systems, especially those that are used for lifting loads on to them.

So, it stands to reason that any accidents taking place in areas where racking is, will put your equipment at risk of damage, meaning the cost of repairs and replacements following an accident will far outweigh those of professional racking repairs in South Africa that aim to avoid this.


The last thing to consider is how much more cost-effective it is to do preventative maintenance and repairs on racking systems than it is to completely replace them after they have failed. In the long-run, your facility will end up spending far more on replacements that it ever would on minor or even major repairs.

Just another reason to ensure you do it properly.


If you would like to know more about our comprehensive offers on professional racking repairs in South Africa, or would like to know more about our innovative process for doing it with minimal interruptions, be sure to visit the ROS International Racking website today.